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Superior APS retrieval Anywhere ... Anytime.
With APS Direct™ your medical records are just a click away!
Do you need the APS records of a certain patient within a week but already have your hands full? Is your time best spent with clients or trying to track down medical records? Is your business suffering from spiraling phone bills for making endless follow up calls to other copy service providers or doctor’s offices to try to secure patient records? Then the solution you are looking for is to let Westside Copymaster handle all of your APS retrieval needs.

The primary concern of Westside Copymaster is the convenience of
the client and we integrate our clients into our medical record retrieval procedure to ensure maximum transparency in conducting the service. We stand apart from the crowd.

Westside CopyMaster provides a secure, effective, convenient, rapid process for retrieving APS records all over the country at the click of the mouse or by the fax via its sophisticated APS Direct™, which makes the APS available over the Internet in the shortest possible time.

Our APS Direct™ software is the ultimate in APS records retrieval and provides our clients with the means to initiate, monitor, and manage their orders completely online from the same interface. Once the order is placed via fax or Internet, APS Direct™ takes over. It is a completely web based, paperless solution streamlining the entire process of accessing APS records
and ensuring real-time order status availability around the clock. Clients can check the status of their orders online 24/7 and can view details regarding an order, including all contact made with the medical facility, via a 128 bit secure back-office application.

We also have the built-in ability to send messages directly to the staff member responsible for the order to allow for rapid response without making a single phone call. We also offer immediate proactive status updates ProStat™. With ProStat™ you can receive an e-mail notification whenever anyone updates your order, thus allowing you to track your order status without even logging in! APS Direct™ also provides immediate access to download the medical records via the Internet the moment they have been secured.

All confidential information of the medical records is protected with 128-bit SSL encryption to ensure patient privacy and conform to HIPPAA requirements.

Insight to Westside CopyMaster's APS retrieval operation procedure:

We maintain a very low average turn-around time for APS retrieval of about 5 business days, and in some cases in as little as 24 hours.
At Westside, we treat all orders with equal importance and all APS retrieval cases are treated as urgent.
Our clients and their staff can access the APS Direct™ system on our secured server irrespective of time and place through secured entry point thus ensuring both privacy and accessibility while retrieving their medical records.
You can manage your orders entirely online and even send messages directly to the Westside staff member who is responsible for your order for a quick response.
If necessary, our helpful personnel will also answer any questions you may have via the telephone.
After obtaining the APS records, they are made instantly available online
Westside holds the edge over other competitors in APS retrieval because it offers the client the advantage of flexible billing.
We offer the most advanced technology, the best possible APS retrieval service at the most cost effective price. But we do not compromise when it comes to our service quality.
Finally we provide round the clock, three sixty-five days a year dedicated service and endeavor to excel for all prospective and existing clients.